Genuine OEM Nissan NX Parts and Accessories

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Nissan NXThe Nissan NX is a 2-door sports coupe that was offered during the 1990s. The inline 4 delivers surprising power and your NX still handles great on daily commutes. It’s still fun to drive, but parts may be hard to find. If you need new Nissan NX parts, then look no further than for your genuine OEM Nissan parts.

Oil Filters – When you change the oil in your vehicle, then change the filter, too. New oil should be kept clean as long as possible, and a new filter will help do that. We have oil filters and other maintenance parts like belts and hoses.

Brake Pads – When you put a new set of brake pads on your NX, you increase your stopping ability. Anytime you put new brake pads on, check the rotors and calipers for wear. We have brake parts like rotors, calipers, hubs and other parts including parking brake parts.

Ball Joints – If it’s difficult to turn the wheels or you hear clunking sounds, you might need to replace the ball joints. Joints wear out and need replacement or you might find turning the wheel very difficult or break an axle.  We also carry hubs, axles, linkage and other steering parts.

We offer genuine OEM Nissan parts that are just like the original part. They never need to be modified and will always fit. In addition, we can help you save money by giving you fast, affordable shipping and wholesale pricing. Shop for NX parts here.