Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't answered here, feel free to contact us at We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Do I have to pay anything to return a part to you?

We’ll send you a prepaid shipping label, so you won’t need to pay for shipping. However, a 15% restocking fee is charged against all returned parts.

May I exchange a part?

Yes. We do exchanges, too. The process is the same as the return process, only you’ll get the new part instead of a refund. You can exchange a part only if the new part costs less than the old part. That way, we can refund you the difference.

If you need to exchange your part for a more expensive part, we recommend returning the old part first. You may then place a new order for the more expensive part.

What if you sent me the wrong part?

We will take full responsibility and accept the return without the 15% restocking fee. We'll also send the correct part right away.

What if I ordered the wrong part?

No problem. We’ll gladly accept the return.

Can I return or exchange a part for any reason?

We have a no questions asked policy; however, you will get your refund only if the part is unused and still in its original packaging.

What if I receive a defective or damaged part from you?

Contact us immediately. Return the part to us and we’ll send you a replacement part right away.

What if my return never arrives? Do I still get a refund?

No, sorry. That’s why it’s a good idea to use the tracking number on the prepaid shipping label to track your package. If your package gets stuck somewhere or ends up in the wrong place, you'll need to work out the issue with the shipping company to ensure that the package gets back to us.

What if someone else purchased the part for me and I want to return or exchange it?

Ask the person for the invoice because we can only process returns with an invoice. If they can’t supply the invoice, we may be able to work out an exchange.

How do core returns work?

You can send us your old part (which in this case is called a “core”) for a new replacement at a discounted price. We’ll deduct the cost of the old part (“core charge”) from the total price of the new part.

But first, we’ll add the core charge to the discounted price of your new part and then refund it to you as soon as we receive your old part.

Let’s say we have a $150 part. We’re willing to sell it to you for $100 if you agree to send us the old part, which has a $50 core charge. We’ll sell you the part for $150, and then refund you the $50 core charge when we receive the old part from you. Ultimately, you’ll pay $100 plus your old part for a brand new part that costs $150.

Order Cancellation

May I cancel a portion of my order?

Yes, you may. We’ll issue a full refund on the cancelled portion of your order. The only time we can’t cancel it is if your order has already shipped and is no longer in our possession. In such a case, return the portion of your order to us and we’ll refund you.

Do I have to pay anything for my cancellation?

Only if your order was shipped prior to cancellation.


Do you have a minimum order?

No, we don’t. You can order as much or little from us as you want!

Will you provide tracking information?

Absolutely! We will mail you the tracking number as soon as we ship your order.

If I pay by credit card, will you charge my card once my order has shipped?

We will charge your card as soon as your order is placed.

Can you ship my order to multiple addresses?

Yes. Give us a call at 1-888-370-4432 and we'll set it up for you.

Do you ship to PO boxes or APOs/FPOs?

Yes, we do. We ship to these types of addresses via USPS.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time. we do not offer international shipping.

Do you ship hazardous items?

Yes we do, via UPS.

Do you ship oversized parts?

Yes, but it’ll incur an additional charge. You will be contacted prior to shipping for approval.

How long will ground shipping take?

Normally, it takes 2-7 days. However, we cannot guarantee transit times for ground and oversize orders.

What if you sent me the wrong part?

If it turns out that it was a mistake on our part, we’ll take full responsibility and send you the right part as soon as possible. We’ll ask you to return the wrong part to us.

What happens if the part is damaged during shipping?

The carrier is responsible for all items damaged during shipping. You will need to fill out a damage claim report from the carrier to be reimbursed. Please do not return these items to us as we are not responsible for the reimbursement.

How can I be sure that you’re sending me parts that will fit my vehicle?

Give us a ring! We’ll be more than happy to help you find the right parts.

What happens if the part doesn’t fit my vehicle?

If you accidentally ordered the wrong part, you can return it to us for a 15% restocking fee. Our return policy has all the information you need.

How do you decide which carrier to use?

We ship via UPS, FedEx, and USPS. The carrier we use depends on the size of the part, the destination address, and several other factors. Sometimes we make shipping carrier substitutions in an attempt to reduce shipping costs for you.

What if my part has been discontinued or placed on backorder?

We will do our best to try and find the part for you as quickly as possible.

What if my address changes before my order ships? Can I change where you send my shipment?

Contact the carrier when you receive the tracking information and try to work it out with them. Most likely they’ll return the order to us and you’ll have to place a new order with your most recent address.

What if I never received my order?

The first thing you should do is to check the tracking information to find out where your shipment ended up. Then give us a call and we’ll work something out.

What happens if I refuse the shipment?

Refusing a shipment is not the proper way to return your order. Instead, please accept the shipment and then follow the process outlined in our return policy for a refund.