2010 Nissan Cube Trims & Engines

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The 2010 Nissan Cube is a mini MPV that's part of the third generation Cube. This year was built on the B platform and powered by a 1.8L engine. When you need new parts for your Cube, buy genuine OEM Nissan parts because they meet the standards of the factory.

Brake Drums – The brake drums on your vehicle stop the rear wheels from turning when the brake pedal is pressed. You should check your brakes for wear at regular intervals. We carry front and rear brake parts, as well as ABS parts and brake pads.

Control Arms – The control arms link the chassis to the suspension in order to keep your ride smooth. When this part wears out, you will notice a shaking in the steering wheel. We carry suspension parts for your Nissan.

Coil Springs – The coil springs absorb the shock of a bumpy road. If the springs are going bad, you'll notice a rough ride. We carry replacement coil springs, shocks and struts.

When you buy your replacement Nissan parts from us, you get wholesale pricing and fast, affordable shipping. We also offer no hassle returns. Buy your 2010 Cube parts now.