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The 2010 Nissan Frontier is a 2-door truck that's marketed under the Frontier name in the United States and Navara in other parts of the world. The 2010 model got a facelift and got a new 3.0L V6 turbo to power it. When you need new parts for your Frontier, you buy genuine OEM Nissan parts because they are exact fit replacement parts.

Brake Rotors – The brake rotors are what the brake pads grab when you press the brake pedal. This stops the wheels from turning. We have replacement brake parts for your Nissan.

Spark Plugs – The spark plugs send the electrical charge to cause the combustion that runs your engine. When the plugs are fouled, your engine will run rough. We carry spark plugs, wires and more.

Oxygen Sensors – The oxygen sensor ensures that the proper amount of oxygen is in the burned fuel. If the level is off, you will have a rough running engine. We carry new sensors and other exhaust parts.

At NissanPartsPlus.com, we offer free parts lookup in case you need help getting the right part. We also offer fast, affordable shipping, so you save money. Shop for your new 2010 Frontier parts now.