2008 Nissan Maxima Trims & Engines

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The 2008 Nissan Maxima is the last in the sixth generation, and this year, Nissan added a platinum edition that consisted of convenience features for several of the trim levels. When you need new parts for your Maxima, you buy genuine OEM Nissan parts because they’re built to last as long as the original parts.

Air Filters – If your engine is struggling to breathe, you may need a new air filter. These filters can become clogged with dirt, debris and tire rubber, so change it regularly. We have replacement air filters, transmission filters and oil filters.

Timing Belts – The timing belt should be changed at regular intervals, as designated by Nissan, in order to keep your engine from becoming damaged. The belt can stretch out, so change it. We have belts, hoses and other maintenance parts.

Headlights – You need headlights in order to see when you drive at night and in order for others to see you. Replace burned out lights immediately. We have headlights, taillights and fuses.

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