Nissan Bumper Cover Buyer's Guide

Every Nissan model has two bumper covers. There’s one in the front, and another one in the rear. This guide has all the information you need to know about the bumper covers on your Nissan.


What is a Bumper Cover?

A bumper cover is attached to either your car’s nose or rear. It’s a large piece that’s a part of your car’s body. A bumper cover’s main purpose is to serve as the first point of contact in the event of an accident. It comes with two different components:

  1. A plastic cover that’s visible from the outside
  2. A reinforcement bar behind the plastic cover that’s designed to absorb most of the impact in an accident

This article explains bumper covers in more detail: Everything There is to Know About Your Front and Rear Bumper Covers

Why Should I Get an OEM Replacement Bumper Cover?

When shopping for a bumper cover, you have two choices: OEM or aftermarket. If you want a high-quality bumper cover, OEM is the choice to make. OEM bumper covers are superior to aftermarket bumper covers because:

  • OEM bumper covers fit better
  • OEM bumper covers are made with better quality materials
  • OEM bumper covers cost less in the long run

To read more about each point in more detail, check out this article: 3 Good Reasons to Get an OEM Bumper Cover Instead of an Aftermarket Bumper Cover. At, we carry OEM bumper covers at wholesale pricing.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace My Bumper Cover?

Your total Nissan bumper cover replacement cost depends on a couple of factors, including:

  • Replacement bumper cover: what you pay for the replacement part
  • Labor: whether you have a shop replace it for you (at about $100/hour) or you do it yourself (factor in the value of your time)

If you want to save money, we recommend buying a genuine OEM bumper cover from us at wholesale pricing, and replacing it yourself.

How Do I Replace My Bumper Cover?

You just need a socket wrench to do this job. Here’s a basic overview of the process:

  1. Clean your new bumper cover with wax and grease remover.
  2. Paint your new bumper cover (optional, but recommended).
  3. Unfasten all the bolts holding your bumper cover in place and then pull it off.
  4. Bolt the new bumper cover in place.

Here’s the full tutorial, which is specifically for the Altima: How to Replace a Nissan Altima Bumper Cover