3 Good Reasons to Get an OEM Bumper Cover Instead of an Aftermarket Bumper Cover

Having a hard time deciding between OEM or aftermarket bumper covers? We’re here to help you make an educated decision.


We may be a bit biased, but we firmly believe that OEM bumper covers are far superior to aftermarket bumper covers. Why? Three reasons:

1. OEM Bumper Covers Fit Better

Often times, people who buy aftermarket bumper covers will install them and find that the mounting holes don’t quite line up. It’s also pretty common for aftermarket bumper covers to be just a little too wide or too short. But just a little too wide or short means that you can clearly see it doesn't fit right.

2. OEM Bumper Covers are Built With Better Quality Materials

Nissan bump cover 2

Aftermarket front and rear bumper covers vary widely in terms of materials and build specifications. They also haven’t been tested by Nissan to ensure that they’re sturdy enough to adequately protect the vehicle. In other words, aftermarket bumper covers are pretty unpredictable. Since bumper covers are built to protect your car in the front and rear, quality is pretty important and unpredictability can be an issue.

OEM Nissan bumper covers are incredibly reliable and predictable. They’re made of high-quality plastic and they’re designed to flex enough to absorb low speed impacts.

3. OEM Bumper Covers Cost Less

Some aftermarket bumper covers sport affordable price tags, but the truth is that OEM bumper covers are usually cheaper in the long run.

It’s because of the two reasons listed above, plus the fact that Nissan covers all of its OEM bumper covers under warranty.

  • Fitment and quality: Aftermarket bumper covers don’t hold a candle to OEM bumper covers in terms of fitment and quality. This puts aftermarket bumper covers at a higher risk of failing early.
  • Warranty: If your aftermarket bumper cover fails early, you’d be hard-pressed to get it replaced for free. It’s because aftermarket parts rarely come with a warranty. If you find an aftermarket part that does, chances are high that warranty policy is written in the manufacturer’s favor. OEM Nissan bumper covers are backed by Nissan’s comprehensive parts warranty. It's good for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

How to Get a Genuine OEM Bumper Cover at Wholesale Pricing

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If you buy an OEM replacement bumper cover from Nissan dealership, you’d likely have to pay a markup of about 30%. The good news is you can get a genuine OEM bumper cover at wholesale pricing at NissanPartsPlus.com.

We have a catalog full of front and rear bumper covers for a variety of Nissan models, including:

To see all the OEM bumper covers we have available for your Nissan model, do a search on your car in our catalog.