The Importance of Oil Filters in Keeping the Engine Oil Clean

Oil filters remove the contaminants in the engine oil to keep the oil clean, but how do they work? Most modern oil filters are a cylindrical pleated filter placed inside a small can. It's a simple design, but it's pretty effective in keeping the oil clean.

How an Oil Filter Works

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In an engine lubrication circuit, the oil filter is located between the oil pan and the engine. The motor oil sits in the oil pan until you start the engine. The entire time the engine is running, the oil pump pulls oil out of the oil pan and pushes it through the oil filter. After the oil flows through the filter, it travels through the engine to lubricate moving parts. The oil then drains back down into the oil pan.

An oil filter that's in good shape will trap all the dirt and metal particles in the oil before sending the oil to the engine. As the oil runs through the engine, it may pick up some dirt and metal particles, which will be trapped by the oil filter the next time the oil runs through the filter. It's a continuous cycle that keeps going until you switch off the engine.

Why it's Important to Replace the Oil Filter at Every Oil Change

An oil filter that's clogged up will still send the oil to the engine, but it won't trap any of the dirt or particles. That means the dirty oil being sent to the engine will be thicker than usual. The particles and the lack of proper lubrication may damage some of the engine components.

In the old days, you could get away with changing the oil filter every other time you changed the oil. However, now that oil change intervals are longer due to better quality oil, you need to change the oil filter at every oil change.

Where to Find Genuine OEM Oil Filters at Reasonable Prices

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