Why Your Nissan Sun Visor Keeps Falling Down

If you’re a Nissan owner whose sun visor keeps falling down, you’re not alone. It’s a common problem in Nissan vehicles, especially the Pathfinder and the Murano. So why does this keep happening?

Early Deterioration

Faling visor

Nissan hasn’t confirmed the culprit behind this issue, but there is a general consensus among Nissan owners. They believe this happens because the plastic arm that the visor rotates on and the clamp inside the visor tend to deteriorate early. If you open up the visor, you’ll find a clamp that provides enough tension to keep the visor from flopping around. There’s also a lubricant between the clamp and the plastic arm. Some people believe that it contributes to the early deterioration of both parts.

Some Nissan owners reported having seen the issue become prominent in cold weather. This might be because most plastic materials shrink a bit in cold weather. If the plastic arms shrinks a bit, the clamp doesn't provide enough tension.

And, every time you pull the sun visor down the clamp wears a little bit. When the clamp finally gives way, the sun visor falls down. If it obstructs your line of vision on the road, that can be pretty dangerous.

Signs Your Sun Visor Is About To Break

If you start hearing a clicking sound whenever you put your sun visor down, take it as a sign that it might break soon. Another sign to look for is a rattling noise coming from the sun visor whenever you hit a bump on the road. It means the clamp is already loose. It just may break and cause the visor to fall down the next time you hit a bump.

Replacing Your Sun Visor

Nissan visor

When your sun visor gives out, the best thing to do is to replace it right away. A Nissan dealer will replace it for free if your car’s under warranty. If it’s not, you can buy a genuine replacement OEM sun visor online from a reputable seller like Nissan Parts Plus and replace it yourself at home.

If you’re looking for a replacement sun visor for your Nissan, you can look up your vehicle here to see if we have an OEM replacement part for you. Here are some quick links to our top selling sun visors: