8 Life-Changing Nissan Rogue Hacks

Congrats on your Rogue - it's an awesome car! It can navigate rough terrain, store a bunch of cargo, and save you money on gas. Not to mention it’s a comfortable ride, too.

What if we told you that you could make your Rogue even more pleasant to drive? Sometimes it’s the smallest tweaks that make the biggest difference. Try out some (or all) of the following eight tried-and-true hacks you’ll wish you'd known earlier:

1. Use a Shoe Organizer to Keep Your Rogue Tidy

Shoe org hack

For a crossover that can hold as much cargo as the Rogue does, clutter is inevitable. Let a shoe organizer come to the rescue! You can also go the extra mile to keep your Rogue clean with a family travel clean-up kit (Part No. 999M1-NX000).

2. Install Command Hooks to Hold Trash Bags

Trash bag hack

The next time you go on a long trip, you’re going to wish you had this. Having a trash bag somewhere in your Rogue makes a huge difference. Feeling green? Our reusable recycling bags (Part No. 999C2-8X004) would look snazzy hanging from one of your hooks!

3. Use a Piece of Tape to Mark Seat Settings

Tapemark hack

If you don’t feel like using your Rogue’s memory storage function, or if both slots are used up by two other drivers, you can try this simple trick. Grab a roll of tape and mark the sweet spot to effortlessly make your driver’s seat position perfect every time you take the Rogue out for a spin.

4. Get an Inflatable Bed to Sleep Comfortably in Your Rogue

Air bag hack

The roomy rear space in your Rogue is the perfect place to put an inflatable bed. Just fold down the rear seat and snooze comfortably all night! If you’re looking for a more outdoorsy experience, consider getting a hatch tent (Part No. 999T7-XY100).

5. Use Toothpaste to Scrub Away Scuff Marks

Toothpaste hack

You no longer need to buy any fancy products whenever you spot any scuff marks on your Rogue. Just grab a tube of toothpaste and get to work! Apply a smear of toothpaste on a damp, soft cloth and buff it out.

6. Keep Your Loose Change in a Recycled Gum Container

Change holder hack

Now you know what to do with all those empty gum containers! Grab one, decorate it (if you want), and then keep it in one of your Rogue’s cup holders to store loose change. Looking for an in-car ashtray as well? You might find some use from an illuminated ash cup (Part No. F8800-8992D).

7. Create Storage Space With a Mesh Bungee

Cargo net hack

Need some extra storage space, perhaps during a camping trip? Tie a mesh bungee to all four of your grab-handles and stuff it with blankets, jackets, or anything else you want! Nissan doesn’t make something like this (yet), but they have cargo nets (Part No. 999C1-G2000) to hang in the back of your Rogue if you’re not digging the idea of storing stuff over your passengers’ heads.

8. Remove Small Dents on Your Rogue With Dry Ice

Dry ice hack

Got dings or hail damage on your Rogue? No problem. Head over to your nearest grocery store and grab a small block of dry ice. Park your Rogue in the sun and let the dent warm up. Slap on a pair of protective gloves and then place the dry ice on the dent. The chilling temperature of the ice will pop the dent back up.