Nissan Engine Air Filter Buyer's Guide

Anyone can replace an engine air filter in their car. It’s one of the easiest parts to replace. If you’re a Nissan owner, there’s no good reason to leave engine air filter replacements up to a shop. We have all the information you need about Nissan engine air filters right here in this buyer's guide. 

What Is An Engine Air Filter?

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An engine air filter is located inside the intake air collector box. It's a pleated filter with a gasket wrapped around it. The point of having an engine air filter in your Nissan is to remove contaminants from the air coming into the engine. Those contaminants include:

  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Bugs
  • Other debris

Dirty air in your engine creates unwanted abrasion that wears out engine components. An engine air filter that's too dirty can't trap all the dirt. That's why you should change your air filter every 15K miles.

For a more thorough explanation about engine air filters, check out this guide: What Is An Engine Air Filter And Why Is It Important?

OEM Vs. Aftermarket Engine Air Filters

If you're trying to decide between OEM and aftermarket engine air filters, here's a comparison guide that will help you: Are OEM Nissan Air Filters Better Than Aftermarket?

The guide concludes that OEM air filters are better than aftermarket air filters for four reasons:

  1. Better material quality
  2. Right size
  3. More pleats
  4. More value in the long run

How To Replace An Engine Air Filter In A Nissan

Replacing an engine air filter in a Nissan is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Open the hood.
  2. Remove the old engine air filter from the intake air collector box.
  3. Put the new engine air filter in.

Here's a detailed collection of instructions for the Rogue, Altima, and Sentra models: How To Replace A Nissan Engine Air Filter.