Are OEM Nissan Rearview Mirrors Better Than Aftermarket?

Rearview mirrors are among the most important accessories on your Nissan. It helps you see what’s behind your vehicle. So if you have a broken or missing rearview mirror, it’s smart to get it replaced ASAP.

Are you a Nissan owner who’s in the market for a replacement rearview mirror? If so, you may be trying to decide between OEM and aftermarket units. Which option offers the most value?

The answer is always OEM. All OEM parts, from rearview mirrors to lower control arms, are a better investment than aftermarket parts. In the case of rearview mirrors, here are 3 reasons why OEM is better:

1. Material Quality

Nissan oem rearview mirror

Have you ever wondered why aftermarket parts can be so cheap? A big reason is because many aftermarket manufacturers use low quality materials. Aftermarket rearview mirrors usually have:

  • Low quality plastic that's easy to break
  • A low quality mirror that can distort the view behind your Nissan
  • Low quality electrical connectors (electric rearview mirrors only)

Aftermarket rearview mirrors rarely last as long as OEM rearview mirrors. It's no wonder because low quality materials never last. Aftermarket rearview mirrors can be pretty frustrating to use. Here are a few common problems with cheap aftermarket rearview mirrors:

  • Electrical issues after installation -the low quality connectors may short out
  • A low quality mirror can distort the view behind your vehicle, creating more blind spots and hurting your eyes
  • The cheap plastic clip or another plastic part on the mirror can break off

Nissan makes a point to produce its rearview mirrors with high quality parts. That gives you the peace of mind that your OEM rearview mirror will last long and work correctly.

2. Fitment

Fitment is another major issue with aftermarket rearview mirrors. Many aftermarket rearview mirrors attempt to provide universal fitment. That's a big problem because of:

Incompatibility With The Mount

Aftermarket rearview mirrors can be incompatible with the OEM mount on the windshield. If your aftermarket mirror doesn't work with the mount, you may need to use another mount. That can cause issues with the windshield. An Amazon reviewer had to replace their windshield after using an aftermarket mount:

"The base [of this aftermarket rearview mirror] just didn’t fit in the mount on my car. So I needed to install the aluminum base that came with the mirror. After a few days of using it, a big crack appeared around the base of the mirror and it extended to the center of the windshield."

Incorrect Size Of The Mirror

Nissan designed and tested all its rearview mirrors for optimal visibility in the model(s) for which they're intended. That means:

  • An OEM rearview mirror won't obstruct your view of the road
  • An OEM rearview mirror provides enough visibility behind the vehicle

Aftermarket manufacturers design their rearview mirrors with their own dimensions. That can be problematic because:

  • The mirror may be too small - mirror that's too small can't cover the entire rear window. For example, if you have a Nissan Armada, and if you use a mirror made for sedans, the mirror may not be big enough to offer enough visibility. This creates blind spots.
  • The mirror may be too big - it can obstruct your view of the road ahead.

For optimal safety and visibility, use an OEM rearview mirror.

Vague Installation Instructions

Universal mirrors usually have vague installation instructions. This means installation and/or wiring can be a nightmare. OEM mirrors have installation instructions that are specific to your Nissan model. Installation is basically plug and play. This makes installation and wiring easier than ever.

3. Warranty

Nissan warranty

Nissan offers a comprehensive warranty on most of its replacement parts. That includes rearview mirrors. Nissan’s Limited Parts Warranty is good for 12,000 or 12 months, whichever occurs first. OEM rearview mirrors rarely fail. Yet, if you happen to have an OEM rearview mirror that fails before the warranty expires, Nissan will replace it for free.

You won’t get that same assurance with an aftermarket rearview mirror. Many aftermarket manufacturers don’t even offer a warranty for their rearview mirrors. In the rare occurrence that you find an aftermarket unit with a warranty, it likely doesn't cover much.

Finding A Replacement Rearview Mirror At A Reasonable Price

OEM rearview mirrors are a better investment than aftermarket rearview mirrors. Even so, they become an even better investment when you buy one at a wholesale price. At Nissan Parts Plus, we have a large online inventory of genuine OEM Nissan parts at wholesale pricing. That means you'll save a bunch of money on an OEM rearview mirror! Check out our catalog of rearview mirrors to find the right one for your Nissan model!