Got a Broken Nissan Sun Visor? This Guide is For You

A broken sun visor is a pretty common problem in Nissan vehicles, particularly the Murano and the Pathfinder. If you’re a Nissan owner with a loose or broken sun visor, this guide will help you navigate this issue and reach the best solution.

Visor interior

Why Your Nissan Sun Visor Keeps Falling Down

The sun visor in Nissan vehicles is prone to early deterioration. It’s not uncommon for the plastic arm inside the visor to break, especially in cold weather. Many believe this happens because most plastic materials shrink in cold temperatures. Also, the clamp around the plastic arm wears a bit every time you pull down the sun visor and it will eventually fail.

This article explains the science behind sun visor failure in more detail: Why Your Nissan Sun Visor Keeps Falling Down

Can You Replace Individual Sun Visor Parts?

You can replace just the component that’s broken. But it may not even be worth it because you’ll have to:

  • Take apart your visor and then replace the component, which is a complicated and time-consuming project.
  • Get an aftermarket sun visor repair kit because Nissan doesn’t sell any OEM components. This means you may have a hard time finding a direct replacement for your faulty component. And there’s no guarantee that the replacement will even work.

If you ask us, replacing the whole unit is much easier. This article explains why in more detail: Can You Replace Individual Sun Visor Parts?

How to Replace a Nissan Sun Visor

Replacing your sun visor is something you can easily do at home with a flat screwdriver and a 7mm nut driver. It’s a 5-minute project just about anybody could do. There’s no point in bringing your car to a shop to have your sun visor replaced. This easy-to-follow tutorial is geared towards Pathfinders. But you can still follow it with another Nissan model: How to Replace a Pathfinder Sun Visor.

Got any questions about your broken sun visor that weren’t addressed in this guide? Please contact us!